View Full Version : Need tips and advice to setting up a good SEO for the forums.

19 Aug 2006, 05:04
Hello, ok, well I am currently having this for http://forums.qj.net


I made that pdf file to show my current settings. Now I know some things were glitchy, like if you clicked on a user, did find all posts, then click on the post in the results vs thread. Same with "New Posts" in nav bar.

Anyways, right now, I disabled member, print thread and search index from being rewritten.

However I wish to learn about my actions and setup to make this really well configured. We do have a dedicated server, however its also a large communty, so I have things to keep them entertained too.

Would like to hear from others maybe on what settings I should use and why. Maybe to optimize and get better results so to say. Cant learn if I dont ask. =)

Also that extra "/" I had in my url, was a matter of the right combination of the 4, since we use a subdomain.

Anyways just looking for insight and advice. Thanks. =)

Oh also, the settings in the pdf, I then afterword used the generator to be set for the host with the config.

29 Aug 2006, 13:38

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