View Full Version : How can i make my forum to come up before of my google ads?

19 Aug 2006, 18:13
i am using google adsense.
and my forum is delaying when it is coming up (msgs pages in particular )
till adsense will rise up, the forum won't load entiraly just it's backround .
on the bottom of my web browser i can view what is loading, the i frame is..
i mean first the backround of the forums is up, then i can see in my web browser that the iframe ( that contains adsense ad )
(in the meen while, i can see the backround of the forum.. sort of gray ) when the iframe's loading is done the rest of the page is coming.
im using iframes in all the pages to display the ad.
what can i do to fix it?
i think the IE is wating first for the IFRAME to come up and then the rest of the page is up..
thanks alot!

a little edit - when i enter a subject this is the loading order :
1. opening page - "iframe page"
2. done
3. opening page - www.site.com/showthread.php (http://www.site.com/showthread.php)....
4. done
5. all the added pics etc'

this thing really slows the load of the page.. and i don't (can't) get the ads off,and can't put the ads directly in my style cous this makes alot of problems..

Thanks alot again..

29 Aug 2006, 20:27
this is what i use

<iframe frameborder=0 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 VSPACE=0 HSPACE=0 SCROLLING=no width="728" height="90" border="0" scrolling="0" src="http://www.mydomain.com/ads/something.html"></iframe>

my pages load instantly, even though the ads may take a few seconds to show up

i am not using adsense, though, so YMMV