View Full Version : please coders enter this subjest.. very needed..

Yellow Slider
21 Aug 2006, 09:48
i am using google adsense.
and my forum is delaying when it is coming up (msgs pages in particular )
till adsense will rise up, the forum won't load entiraly just it's backround .
on the bottom of my web browser i can view what is loading, the i frame is..
i mean first the backround of the forums is up, then i can see in my web browser that the iframe ( that contains adsense ad )
(in the meen while, i can see the backround of the forum.. sort of gray ) when the iframe's loading is done the rest of the page is coming.
im using iframes in all the pages to display the ad.
what can i do to fix it?
i think the IE is wating first for the IFRAME to come up and then the rest of the page is up..
thanks alot!

a little edit - when i enter a subject this is the loading order :
1. opening page - "iframe page"
2. done
3. opening page - www.site.com/showthread.php....
4. done
5. all the added pics etc'

this thing really slows the load of the page.. and i don't (can't) get the ads off,and can't put the ads directly in my style cous this makes alot of problems..
i have seen that in the showtbox box hack it says "loading.." and it wont stack the loading of the rest of the page event if the showtbox isnt fully loaded so maybe some one can build a hack that the ads will come after the page loads or somthing? cause its really slowing the loading of the page.

Thanks alot again..