View Full Version : vbchat 3.6.0 release???

25 Aug 2006, 00:49
just curious if there is anything in the works..

I have tried to get my vbchat working from my old version 3.5.4 and I am unable to get it re-installed due to some template changes and I am deffinatly not a coder..

would love to see it integrated into the 3.6.0 version

any info would be appreciated!

28 Aug 2006, 20:11
it looks very interesting but im not a fan of having to edit templates (other than the navbar).... namely because when you upgrade versions you have to revert most of the templates (if its a major release) and having to try and remmeber those addins later and redo them is a pain.

a squared
04 Sep 2006, 04:45
I really would like to see this ported to 3.6.0 My members are going to throw a fit as soon as I upgrade and there's no Chat.

04 Sep 2006, 19:06
same here just waiting for a 3.6x release... can some one let me know if you guys find something... well thanks a lot send a PM to me!!!!

01 Oct 2006, 03:38
.... Something New???

Any Ideas For A Alternative To Vbchat?

03 Oct 2006, 21:41

01 Nov 2006, 03:52
Does anyone where I can go to vew an example of a website that has flaschat integrated with it.......

01 Nov 2006, 19:51
MMh.. I had it work on vbb 3.6.0

02 Nov 2006, 03:34
MMh.. I had it work on vbb 3.6.0

What did you do ?

02 Nov 2006, 06:18
I think i just installed it, like described.

The only problem i had was, that an other modification generated an Output on the End of every vb- page, and this occured on every Chatline..