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29 Aug 2006, 23:05
I haven't installed this. But - Let's say I install it. And let's say a year from now I want to reinstall it for what ever reason... Search engines will all have reindexed (via the 301 redirect) the rewritten page URLs. Is there any way to re-301 pages so that the original thread URLs are picked up and indexed again?

Brandon Sheley
29 Aug 2006, 23:13
you could have a rewrite for each URL,, or 301 to the main,,
i don't believe there is an easy way

29 Aug 2006, 23:42
So far as I can see, you're right. Not good...

01 Sep 2006, 20:22
Currently, yes.

02 Sep 2006, 01:25
Currently, yes.
I see you're in Cincinnati - I'm up in West Chester.

Anyway, I love the idea but I have too many pages indexed for too long to chance something happening and no way to 301 redirect back to the original ('real') urls. I know with vbseo it's possible if you set it up right, but even with that it's a scarry proposition to think of loosing all the indexed pages.

02 Sep 2006, 15:37
Ah! West Chester isn't too far :)

Yah, it's definitely something that will be introduced in the next major version.

02 Sep 2006, 16:17
That would be nice. I bought vbseo but haven't decided whether to install it. So far I'm leaning against it.

If it helps, the vbseo people wrote me:

Re: 301s

As long as you include your thread ID and forum ID in your CRU static
formats, you can add custom 301 redirect rules to your .htaccess file later.
Therefore, if you did decide to uninstall vBSEO for whatever reason, you
would 301 redirect the search engines back to the original dynamic format.