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01 Sep 2006, 18:23
Hello vBulletin owners,

I would love to introduce you "Slash X" to everyone. I was planning to sell this, but I doubt I'll be making tons of skins to sell.

This is my first official skin that is fully coded unlike my "OpticBlue" which all I did was alter the Main CSS :confused:

This skin only works for vB 3.5.0-3.5.4

If you are running an updated version, feel free to post here if you updated it to your verison.

I would love this skin to go to the lastest version
Password is slashx and remember to register in order to post.

You can modify the skin to fit your lastest version. However I don't support higher version till I renew my vBulletin License.

I think the skin is @ 90% completion.
If you find any image missing, please post here or the link provided above.

Please click on the "Install"

I would love to hear tons of feedback.

01 Sep 2006, 18:53
Forgot to give you a demo.


03 Sep 2006, 18:18
I say keep up the good work - I bet if you made a few more of this caliber you could sell them for sure!

04 Sep 2006, 23:10
Thanks, I'll have a black edition of this pretty soon.

Masked Crusader
07 Sep 2006, 08:28
Well, if you can speed up that black edition, I would be VERY VERY thankful! That blue justs throws off my site...need black instead of blue. I love the green though. Green + Black = Great style!

Great skin tho!

10 Sep 2006, 06:42
Been busy lately (working almost 24/7), i'm still coding it and slicing them one by one.

A header preview :)




To see the colour scheme

09 Jan 2008, 21:06
Slash X Black Edition will be available for 3.6.8 and 3.7.x real soon.