View Full Version : [BOTM SEPT] Voting Poll

01 Sep 2006, 20:21
This voting poll will run until the 31st of September.

The following boards have been directly selected:
TalkvBulletin.com - 5 seconds
Static-Design.com - 4 seconds
MyFootballForum.com - 2 seconds
vBDiscussion.com - 2 seconds
The following boards all had two seconds and were numbered as follows:
forum.ragezone.com - 1 second
mousbuzz.com - 1 secondTheir assigned numbers were than randomize with the following tool: http://www.random.org/sform.html:

The first number was selected and placed in this month's voting poll.

For authenticity the official randomized order was:


This means that MouseBuzz was added to the voting poll.

There was one board removed for going against Nomination rules.

Good luck to all selected Boards!

26 Sep 2006, 14:23
Even though the thread is closed, the poll is open. Best of the luck to the selected to Boards! :)