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03 Sep 2006, 13:01
Global links in every user's signature


- Sell links (using third party random generated links)
- Advertise or promote your new websites
- Share news and announcements

Now to install!

- Login to your admin panel.
- Go to style manager and select your style you are using.
- Go to postbit_legacy or postbit (dependant on which one you use) and search for .......

- Underneath place the code.. such as

<p align="center">Funny links! -- <a href="http://ahhahh.com">AhhAhh</a> </p>

Woola, installed, congratulations.


If you wish to only have the link show for certain usergroups, you can use the following code!! remember to replace XX with the usergroup number.

<if condition="$post == [U]XX"><p align="center">Funny links! -- <a href="http://ahhahh.com">AhhAhh</a> </p></if>

Wish to share more useful codes? Reply w/ them.... Enjoy!

03 Sep 2006, 17:51
Not a good idea at all from a SEO perspective

repeating the same links over and over again on your pages will lead to google beating you down and spitting on you.

Now if you could improve upon this idea, create a random link script integreted with vBulletin that showed in random signatures throughout the page it'd be a winner :yesway:

04 Sep 2006, 10:48
Make it only visible to registered users ;)

05 Sep 2006, 04:07
I really like this idea, but agree with ntfu2 that it could do with some additional functionality, such as 'random link', etc.

When you say "wish to show to only certain usergroups..." does that mean
a) Only (for example) guests would see the signatures...? Or,
b) Only guest-posts would be forced to have these signatures?

Excuse my ignorance on this matter, but I am not a coder.

Again, a great idea :)

05 Sep 2006, 10:01
yeah if you could make this to show random links in the sigs, that would be really cool, coz then I would make 10 different ones so they are not all repeated in each post.

edit just had an idea

Is there a way maybe we can have it only show on the 1st, middle, and last post of each page or something like that?

06 Sep 2006, 01:39
Its not working for the usergroup permissions.

<if condition="$post[usergroupid] == 2"><p align="center">my workds go here <a href="http://www.gamerzneeds.net/forums/payments.php">Join Today, become a premium member instantly!</a> </p></if>

Im on my admin account and i can see it in everyones sig.

and if I want to show it only to usergroup id 2 3 and 4 how do i do this.


07 Sep 2006, 03:24
additionally, every x-post (2nd, 5th, etc.) post to show a different link instead of a repeating link, might be pretty good to implement :)

e.g. on my forum I have 10 posts per page. If i had three link-sig's, 1 for registering, 2nd for donating, 3rd for partner site (random generated from xyz-file)... that would be nifty!

07 Nov 2008, 21:14
It is a shame this didnt go further, it is something that would be really good to have. Anyone interested in still doing this?