View Full Version : Patriarch Ranks [High]

03 Sep 2006, 15:22
Probably favour of this month so thought id work on a few patriotic themed ranks. Ranks only based for high forum titles might modify and customize few more in few days.
4 PNG Ranks

- Admin
- SuperMod
- Moderator
- Elite

(Best suited for Dark themed Boards)

Hope you guys like and if you just click it..!!


11 Sep 2006, 00:30
wow, surprised these havent had a comment on them!

There awesome! great work, doesnt really tie in with my forum, but yeah like i said... GREAT WORK with these!


11 Sep 2006, 07:57
These are very nice

13 Sep 2006, 03:50
They're really nice, but not suited to my forum (basic skin)...
Also,if you by any chance decide to do a 'brit' version, I'd definately be keen to make use of.