View Full Version : Php 4.4.4 / 5.0.4 / 5.1 ??

06 Sep 2006, 10:38
Its time to recompile PHP in my production server.

The server is a dedicated with only vBulletin running and no other domains, except plesk 8, Dual Dual Xeon 2.8 with 2Gb Ram and 2 SCSI disks.

At the moment has PHP 4.4.3 with eAccelerator and MySQL 4.1.21. (i test APC many times but ever segfault)

I receive ever 500 and 800 constants users and the loads are very good.

What is the recomendation about php for faster execution 5.1 ?? keep with 4.4 brunch ??

Thanks a lot

06 Sep 2006, 16:44
Well, I use 5.0.4 but I'm told that's not a good idea. vBulletin recommends 4.4.x or 5.1.x. Since 5.0.4 is faster than 4.4.2 (which I came from), I'd have to venture a guess that 5.1.x has the performance improvements that 5.0.x has so it would be the better choice.

06 Sep 2006, 21:46
We use and recommend PHP 5.1. I wouldn't use PHP 5.0 as it is not as tweaked/optimized as 5.1 is. PHP 4.4 is always a safe bet, but you should be fine with 5.1 and APC 3.0.12p2.

07 Sep 2006, 05:51
I use 5.1 but be aware that there are some compabitibility issues with certain scripts and it's less tolerant of legacy-type code.

07 Sep 2006, 08:48
Thanks a lot my friends.
I try this weekend with php 5.1.

I test php 5.1.4 and is a bit faster, the bad news is thath alot of my own php4 script dont work. I think that i back to php4.4 brunch