View Full Version : Any suggestions for setting up a round robin DNS

07 Sep 2006, 15:31
Ok, my board is getting to big, and we are getting alot of server is to busy try again later errors. I have three Dedicated servers that I want to use and see if a round robin DNS will help with this issue. I have searched and seen some talk about this but no real suggestions on what works best, and how to handle some of the wierd problems people are seeing(like double the users online) so I thought I would ask and see what works best. I don't want to take my boards down any longer than I have to. Any suggestions or comments before I attempt to try this. What have some of you done that works best. I have read that keeping the attachment on one server is best, any thing else I should know before attempting this feat?

07 Sep 2006, 16:20
You can also see the posibility of spliting your website into diff servers, each server for a specific use.

For example server 1 for static images and files only, server 2 with a DB for search only, server 3 for writes, etc. This could help.

08 Sep 2006, 03:31
Round robin DNS is not a good idea. If you are talking about load balancing web servers, you should get a hardware load balancer. Search these forums (or vbulletin.com's forums) about load balancing for more tips. :)