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07 Sep 2006, 16:53
Some people have asked me what ThreadTag is. Think of it as a new social linking directory.

ThreadTag is all about user powered content. Every article on ThreadTag is submitted and voted on by the ThreadTag community. Share, discover, bookmark, and promote the Threads that are important to you!

The following template modification will add a small button at the top of your posts which allows your forum users to submit the thread to http://www.threadtag.com. Think of it as digg, but for forums.

In showthread find:
<if condition="$show['pagenav']"><td align="$stylevar[right]">$pagenav</td></if>
<!-- / controls above postbits -->

Under that paste the following code:
<table class="tborder" cellpadding="$stylevar[cellpadding]" cellspacing="$stylevar[cellspacing]" border="0" width="100%" align="center" style="border-bottom-width:0px">
<td class="thead" width="100%">
Tag This Thread:&nbsp;
<!-- ThreadTag -->
<a href="http://www.threadtag.com/submit.php?url=$vboptions[bburl]/showthread.php?t=$threadid" target="_blank"><img class="inlineimg"

src="$stylevar[imgdir_button]/threadtag.png" alt="ThreadTag" border="0" />&nbsp;Tag This Thread&nbsp;</a>

Also be sure to upload the button to your images/buttons directoryhttp://www.vbulletin.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=53166&stc=1&d=1157647979

07 Sep 2006, 16:57
Follow these directions if you would like to add this along with digg, and several other buttons http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showpost.php?p=1070107&postcount=10

07 Sep 2006, 17:26
add our content to your forum, blog, or site with the following rss feeds.

top threads: http://www.threadtag.com/rss2.php

Upcoming Threads: http://www.threadtag.com/rss2.php?status=queued

All Threads: http://www.threadtag.com/rss2.php?status=all

08 Sep 2006, 01:49
Thanks to the guys that have been submitting threads today. This looks like it is going to grow fairly quickly.

08 Dec 2006, 16:26
Threadtag.com is down for me. That a temporary thing or is the project stopped?

08 Jan 2007, 21:57
I think it stopped.

It is also down for me.

Sal Collaziano
10 Jan 2007, 21:29
Wow. This was a good idea early on. I wish somebody would run with it. I started one a few months after and thought I was the first..


It would be a pretty cool homepage for the active forumer... IF it ever got busy..

25 Sep 2007, 18:05
Sorry I didn't update this thread. The system didn't die, it just evolved. We spent the last 6+ months developing tagsum.com. We have a submission mod here on the forums for it as well already.