View Full Version : Adding thumbnails + Ratings to Garage's?

11 Sep 2006, 00:23
I have been looking for a long time to add a thumbnails column and a ratings feature to my vbGarage. First I am curious if anyone else has done this? It doesn't seem like it would be very complicated to do thumbnails and probably just a bit time consuming to implement a ratings.

Here is my vbGarage link -

I already made the columns for them a while back. I am waiting to release my site until I can figure this out first though. I am not excellent at coding but I can manage. First I would like to know if these are both fairly possible to do? I haven't seen these on any other vbGarage's that I have looked at, but it seems like it would be two nice features to add.

I was thinking for thumbnails either add the option to make one of the upload spots the "Main Photo" that shows up as the thumbnail or something. Or just to make it easier just make the first photo the thumbnail image and have it show up on the main listings page.

As far as the ratings im not exactly sure where to start with this one. I was thinking if not too complicated, it would be nice to add a feature where they can rate like Exterior, Interior, Performance, A/V, and Overall, then average the ratings into one and show it on another column on the main listings. If this is too complicated even just put a "Rate my Car from 1-5 Stars" type thing on there and show the rating on the main listings page.

I am really excited about doing this, so if anyone can give me any help whatsoever or if someone else has done this that would be excellent!