View Full Version : hall of fame bug.

11 Sep 2006, 10:24
Hello. I was with a friends, at his house, and he started to battle to see if he could have a better rank than I.

I was in first with a hundred wins... something like that. and then after he beat my score, I had this.... (see attachement)

I guess its another bug. Just to let you know.
Or if it isn't, what did I do wrong?


11 Sep 2006, 11:26
Im not sure what the problem is...
Which of these users is you/your friend?
What is wrong with the display?

11 Sep 2006, 15:50
My friend is Zell, he was in the third place while I was In first place with over 100 wins...

When he passed the 100 wins ,he went in first place and then my 4 retreats, 11 losses, joined to 165 losses... I don't understand...

What is wrong with the display?
There are more Battle losses than Battles fought

13 Sep 2006, 07:15
Yea that DOES make no sense...
Ok what I need you to tell me is the exact stats for Zell and Sephiroth.
I need you to tell me how many battles fought, wins, losses, draws and retreats you both should have. Ill then test it and get back to you with a fix if I can reproduce it.

13 Sep 2006, 12:54
I have the forum in localhost, with a previous database backup, and it was before the error, so I guess it should do well...

Here is a screen... attached

But there seemed to have more users... although the stats for Zell and Sephiroth are right.

The Last users, demo, AgGrIpA and Shadow Bear aren't in the Hall of Fame right now...

The second screen is from the Hall of Fame right now...

14 Sep 2006, 07:10
Ok, I will get around to testing this ASAP.

20 Sep 2006, 15:41
Haven't been able to test it as of yet, having some problems with the comp that contains the files, as well as being busy with college these days.
Sorry for the delay, sooner or later Ill get around to it.

21 Sep 2006, 11:56
ok, I don't mind... I understand, I have school too, and football, and being a webmaster has passed to my last priority... :S


28 Sep 2006, 09:36
Hi, i found another thing that might be of interest for you...

I went to battle Arena > Your Stats, and there is a new column, that i didn't knew it existed, and show Cancels. and I have -46 ...

I don't know if it will help of anything... good luck though...
thx :)

18 Nov 2006, 11:16
Hello.... Sorry to bother again... but the bug is still there... I know you're at college, and your busy too...

I just hope you get some time for the RPG hack.