View Full Version : Permissions? 3.6.0

11 Sep 2006, 20:09
I have vB 3.6 installed and I just installed vbgarage. Nowhere in my usergroup manager do I see any permissions to prohibit certain guests/certain usergroups from accessing the garage. I have done a search on here, but nothing seems to pertain to my situation. At least not on the current 3.6 version. Oh, and the version of vbgarage I installed was 3.5.0 I couldn't find any of the 4.0+ versions ANYWHERE. Thanks.

02 Oct 2006, 22:14
I'm in the same boat as you. I need to find a way so set these permissions. My site is a car club site and only the members of the club are allowed to use the garage and now that I have upgraded anyone can add their car the the members list which is a no go.

02 Nov 2006, 19:10
See this thread for help with garage on 3.5.x and 3.6.x:


No permissions are available yet though....

- Justin