View Full Version : Anyone sell hosted forums within their forum?

13 Sep 2006, 04:58

Here is an example of what I'm talking about:


Does anyone do this? If so, please post a link to your site.


23 Sep 2006, 02:07
I had quick look at that site, when you say hosted forums. Do you mean he will create a forum board section for you and you admin it. If thats what you mean. I think he must be using the hack that was removed and banned. That let people do that. But jelsoft said it was against there policy. As your basically renting out a forum to a person who has no vB license.

23 Sep 2006, 17:49
hmmmmz questions here .... you cannot resell (or offer for free) vbulletin so this is impossible .... is it ? i know you cannot make an area where people can create there own vbulletin (you would need to pay for every instance created)

Mr Chad
27 Sep 2006, 23:06
yea but your hosting it.. and its still on your domain.

28 Sep 2006, 01:12
There is no signs he is breaking any TOS.

I'd imagine what he is doing is simply creating a subforum on his boards, and then assiging the paying member to moderate it. And even thats a guess. No where he says your getting a vBulletin forum all of your own from him. He is simply selling hosting, and marketing that hosting to people who are interested in running their own forum

28 Sep 2006, 01:14
What are some forums that are acutally On sale?

28 Sep 2006, 01:32
I added that to my site:


An individual or company pays a sponsorship fee and then can add their ad (logo) to the top of a specific forum and name it what they want.