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17 Sep 2006, 17:45
My forum is pretty big, 3 million posts etc. I've decided that I can no longer handle all the server stuff anymore. Everything from tweaking mysql, repairing tables, preventive maintenance, diagnosing server load problems, etc, I want to hire a 3rd party professional management firm to handle.

Does anyone know of, or can recommend, a firm that does this? Ideally, one that specializes in VBulletin board management?

Thanks much!

BigSoccer Tech.
18 Sep 2006, 15:08
iweb is a graet host and they do most of this stuff for us. we buy a few hours a month upfront to cover.

18 Sep 2006, 16:26
check out www.phatservers.com

20 Sep 2006, 20:21
look up platinumservermanagement.com $30 a month, and they'll do anything and everything you can imagine and then some more.

A great bunch of guys for sure