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19 Sep 2006, 16:27
It wasn't hard to rewrite my Ajax Check Username (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=127004) Add-on so that it will check for an existing eMail Address on registration.

I have attached two screenshots, you can also test it here: http://www.pagodentreff.de/diskussionsforum/register.php?do=register

As always: Click 'install' and do a backup. :)

### Files attached, have fun and give me feedback! ###

19 Sep 2006, 16:45
Thanks :)

19 Sep 2006, 16:57
You're welcome but... You stole my avatar! :D

19 Sep 2006, 19:31
Installed! and.. You theif! :p

19 Sep 2006, 22:16
great thanks..and is it possible to do.. show banned mails

"this mail has banned by admin.please try another..."


19 Sep 2006, 23:09
that's great thanks so much

20 Sep 2006, 00:00
Does it work on 3.6.0?

20 Sep 2006, 00:08
Thxs great hack 3.6.0

20 Sep 2006, 11:02
Wow thanks for this! :D

20 Sep 2006, 12:33
Nice hack! Thanks!

Does it check to see if the two email addresses you've put down match?

20 Sep 2006, 14:06
No, it checks wether the address you are about to register exists or not. :)

As always, click install (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/vborg_miscactions.php?do=installhack&threadid=127028)! :)

20 Sep 2006, 22:59
I Hate To Be A Downer But How Would Someone Have Tha Same E-mail Address As Anohter Person?....basiclly This Hack Is For Banned Users Wondering If Thy Can Use There Old E-mail To Register

21 Sep 2006, 05:08
One other aspect I can see this being used for is if a user has been absent from the board for a while and don't know if they have an account already existing, this will let them know that they're email is already being used for an acount and that they should request the username and/r password or that account.

I don't know if that's what was intended with this, but that seems like one thing it can be used for.

09 Jan 2007, 03:43
Either that or someone signed up with their email address.

But I plan to use it for users who forget they've already registered. I've done that myself on sites.

11 Jan 2007, 11:17
its working 3.6.4 ...

11 Jan 2007, 16:32
does this check the web to see if its a real email addy,

or just checks your data base to see if that email is used??

v3.6.+ . already has the option of not letting anyone use a used email addy
Require Unique Email Addresses

also I never installed your hacks before, just how do I install it??
I am having problems unzipping it.

20 Jan 2007, 18:08
i used on red-gray styles
it working red-gray styles

but now, i change my style
it did't worked on approx styles

what can i do?

02 Nov 2007, 05:05
Here are the template edits in TMS (template modification system) XML format for users that have TMS installed.