View Full Version : How do I make this Navigation Path bigger ?

19 Sep 2006, 18:10
My users dont know how to browse my forum since they dont know where the path is. Do you know anyway we can change the font size of the Navigation Path to make it bigger. THANKS

For example: This is the Navigation path that im talking about


Adrian Schneider
19 Sep 2006, 18:44
I'm pretty sure you can just edit the "navbar_link" template to adjust the font size.

19 Sep 2006, 22:00
well, i tried, but nothing happend. Is there any idea please ?

19 Sep 2006, 22:35
You will have to edit the CSS. Go to Admin CP > Styles & Templates > in your style select Main CSS from the dropdown. Now scroll down until you find the one titled "Navbar Text" and there you can change the font size for what you are asking. :)