View Full Version : Cant get stats to show in Postbit

24 Sep 2006, 03:02
Hey all, now I have searched and read everything on this and this is all that was there,

Try re-importing the product manually through the Plugin Manager.
Beyond that I cant think of any reasoin why it wouldnt work, bar the postbit pluygin under the RPG product being disabled.

Also sorry about the spelling, keyboard is in my lap as this is my movie chair and cba to swap as its comofrtable XD

Now I have done all of this and still is not showing up. I have no errors and everything is working perfect. Now I dont want to try to reload through the product manager becouse we have spent 2 weeks making armor weapons and balancing the system to our needs. Anyone have anything? We are planning on getting rid of the post count system to place this in the postbit. Thanks in advance.