View Full Version : Missing forum title in forumhome_lastpostby for subforums

24 Sep 2006, 18:49

I just installed this mod and first of all it's great. :)
I have been having trouble setting it up but after a lot of tinkering I think i've ironed out all but 1 bug.

On index.php (forum home) in the 'last post by' column the URLs are missing the forum title.

So while they should look like this:

They end up looking like:

It's not an emergency to get it working because I came up with a htaccess fix to get the threads to still display, but i'd still like to know how to fix this.


And btw immortal, I removed the copyright notice from the php file and changed it a little bit then added it below the vbulletin copyright. Let me know if that's alright and if not I'd be happy to change it to your original.:)

BTW I would just fix this myself but the variable names and layout of the code + plugins just makes it all wayyy too confusing for someone who hasn't spent too much time looking the code over.

Could someone atleast confirm that this is a problem with the code and not just on my forum?