View Full Version : Big window when editing template (by default)

30 Sep 2006, 17:03
Hello all,

It's possible to change window size when editing the template. This is very useful but as I have the luck to own a wide screen, I'd like to know to set a big window size by default.

Would it be possible to choose the default size ?

30 Sep 2006, 17:14
Ooops sorry, I posted at the wrong place... awfully sorry :o

Can't delete it...

Edit : Can someone delete that, I feel a little bit ashame

03 Oct 2006, 14:09
I know you've posted this in the wrong place but there are several things you can do:

Click the 'Large Edit Box'-button on the left of your text field
Have Notepad or another editor next to your browser window and copy/paste the code
Click the 'Increase Size' link. You could edit your AdminCP (code) a bit to save the size in a cookie.
vBulletin does this for the 'post reply' page, you could find the code somewhere and reuse it.

04 Oct 2006, 11:04
Wherez them modz whenz you needz themz! :D

Red Matrix
16 Oct 2006, 08:38
D'oh, I thought this was a mod!