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05 Oct 2006, 08:39

The skin is a new fixed skin and it's our first skin for vBulletin 3.6.2 . The skin's name is Zahraa Style. The skin has been designed to suit general purpose forums.

I hope you like it

For support, please click here (http://www.forumshelp.com/forums/free-skins/181-3-6-2-zahraa-style.html#post1022)

Skin Width:
950 Pixels (Fixed Width Skin)

Skin Colors:

Silver, Blue, Grey and orange

Skin Design:

- Header design

- Buttons Design

- Status Icons Design

- Gradients Design

Zip File Content:

-FH_Zahraa folder : Style images folder (upload)

-FH_Zahraa.xml file : import this through your admincp

-logo Folder : contains empty logo pic to place your logo on. After placing your logo on this pic, upload it to forums/images/FH_Zahraa
(note: don't change the pic name or it will not show)

-empty-buttons Folder : contains an empty version of the buttons used in the design so you can add what ever you want to them.



http://www.forumshelp.com/zahraa-small.gif (http://www.forumshelp.com/zahraa.gif)


For a demo please click here (http://www.forumshelp.com/vb3/index.php?styleid=2)

This skin has been tested on both FireFox and Internet Explorer with the latest releases. Please don't hesitate to report any bugs or to mention your openion.

Thank you

05 Oct 2006, 10:41
cool theme man thnx

05 Oct 2006, 10:46
You are always welcome :)

05 Oct 2006, 14:58

you are alway make skin very cool
i like it :cool:

05 Oct 2006, 15:10
GTTG, glad that you like it and you are always welcome:)

05 Oct 2006, 23:59
Just awesome .. Thanks alot Bro :)

shokran ya basha ;)

06 Oct 2006, 01:37
You are always welcome, teslam enshala :)

06 Oct 2006, 03:37
I love all yer stuff man. .
just reminds me tha I need an education. .lol
. . . . .

now are those .img's their own
(as in 26 individual)
or are they made into one larger .img?

06 Oct 2006, 03:57
lol Hey jarcher :)
Really glad that you like it. The images was separate but I grouped them all in one layer so it can be easier to move them.

06 Oct 2006, 04:47
wow, this skin is so cool
i love it so much
thanks for sharing this coolest skin

06 Oct 2006, 18:59
Hey stan111 :)
Many thanks for your support and really glad that you like it

09 Oct 2006, 20:41
good skin, thanks

11 Oct 2006, 06:48
jcodemasters you are always welcome ;)