View Full Version : What are you guys using for your CMS needs?

Reeve of shinra
05 Oct 2006, 15:45
I'm sure this is an old topic but I am looking for the vbulletin equivilient of CMS solutions if there are any out there.

05 Oct 2006, 17:32
I use vBAdvanced on one site, phpPortals on another, and then Simple CMS on a few, which really doesnt come integreted with vBulletin so some modifications are needed.

Brandon Sheley
05 Oct 2006, 18:10
I use word press

12 Oct 2006, 16:31
I don't run a big board so can't comment on its use in that kind of environment. But Subdreamer is a really nice CMS and very easy to use.

12 Oct 2006, 23:09
I was using web templates, but found that it was easier on the server to write my own code for each page using vbulletin's built in template system.

It takes more time and may not be as easy to maintain, but it gives me some peace of mind knowing what code is being ran when the page is loaded and is a good oppertunity to learn interaction with vbulletin.

12 Oct 2006, 23:10
Yeah I got a home made brew of vB and self made things :)