View Full Version : Better Contact Us page. Multiple recipients

06 Oct 2006, 03:16
Our forum has been growing pretty good, and with growth comes more member questions.
I am the owner, but I have moderators and another site owner and we want to split the work up a bit.

So what I am wanting and I think would be a GREAT modification, and even a modification that vbulletin would consider for one of their future releases is this:

When you click the contact us, everything looks the same. But it's different :surprised:

Basically you have your radio buttons then the text box. What if you could click one of the radio buttons and have the message sent to a different person for each radio button?

For instance, someone clicks the box for "Technical Question". Types in their message and sends it. It then goes to technical@domain.com. Then if someone clicks the box for "donation" it goes to another e-mail address.. Get it?