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12 Oct 2006, 15:52
Well it seems my board is growning faster then I can afford. IM currectly on a dedicated server.11,185 members 2200-2300 unique visits per day, 330,000 to 420,000 page hits per day. My server is maxing out and getting 500 errors when the sites gets 250+ users on at one time. I do have some local advertisers and the adsence running. But for the price on the next server up I will be in the hole. Is there other programs like adsence I can run? any suggestions? thanks in advance.

12 Oct 2006, 15:57
Have you optimized your server and board? 250 users online is nothing.

12 Oct 2006, 16:07
how do I do this? I understand my users online is no bigdeal. i see people with 900+ online and they dont have problems. Can you give me the steps to optimize my server? thanks for the quick responce. rob

12 Oct 2006, 17:20

Post there after reading http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/showthread.php?t=70117.

Hmm what else...read threads in this forum! Try to find out where your bottleneck is (mysql slow query log?)...and so on.