View Full Version : Heads up: Oct 30, 2006 - massive Opteron price cuts

14 Oct 2006, 04:26
For those wanting to upgrade or add to their server farms :D

AMD are cutting prices on Opteron cpu range after Oct 30, 2006. i.e. you'd be able to get a Opteron 275 for a bit more than current price of Opteron 265 > http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=4503


So for folks wanting to save on a much more future proof upgrade, you might want to wait another 2-3 weeks :)


31 Oct 2006, 20:46
so, is it safe to assume I can go shopping now? lol

01 Nov 2006, 12:54
That is awesome. We were looking to upgrade and will now wait for the prices to reflect on the dedicated server market.

Thanks for posting eva, and I appreciate all of the time you put into the Server Configuration forum at vbulletin.com.