View Full Version : what server configuration do you use for this forum?

16 Oct 2006, 12:37
I'm going to be managing some big vbulletin forums myself and am wondering I see you have quite a few users on your forum at one time and yet the forum loads really really fast. Would a mod care to share what kind of server configuration you have and what are the specs of your servers?


Paul M
16 Oct 2006, 12:40
The site has moved to new servers in the last 24 hours and I don't know what spec they are, but for something this size you would need a dedicated server with at least 2GB RAM and decent processors. (I've also moved this to the Big Boards Forum).

16 Oct 2006, 18:30
my planned server upgrade...

web server: dual Opteron 275's, 4gig memory, 250gig SATA's in Raid10
db server: dual Opteron 280's or 285's, 4gig memory, 36gig 15k SCSI's in Raid10

web is being ordered as soon as the price drop occurs, db may be done by the end of the year, but my current quad 900mhz Xeon/6gig memory/Raid5 10k 18g SCSI's may hold up for a bit longer...

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