View Full Version : Installed new skin: have some questions

18 Oct 2006, 03:05
I recently installed Forummonkey's Fire and Ice skins, and while they look nice on the actual forum, it doesn't integrate well with CMPS because of the side navbar.

I have two options I would like to explore:

1) Remove the navbar, only from the CMPS page


2) Add spacing on the left-most and right-most sides of the CMPS page. Currently, the CMPS-generated content is flush with the Navbar and it looks rather tacky. There's no option that allows for this change. Yes, I've tried the vertical spacing and it doesn't change it.


Any help would be appreciated!

18 Oct 2006, 11:13
I looked at the source of your index_cmps and index and this seems to be missing in your cmps file

<!-- content table -->
<!-- open content container -->

<div align="center">
<div class="page" style="width:100%; text-align:left">
<div style="padding:0px 15px 0px 15px">

I checked my own source and I have it in both my files. I have not really got anymore time until tonight to look any further. Hope this helps.