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20 Oct 2006, 01:54
Im using the default skin, This skin is very simple so bots should be able to spider your forum fast using it right? Also if all guests are stuck using the same simple skin there should be less server load right? Invision Power Board lets you choose what usergroups can see what skins. Vbulletin does not so lets fix this!

If you want all visitors/unregistered to be stuck with the same skin follow these steps.

1.Set the simplest skin you have as the default skin in Style and Language options in vbulletin options.

2.admincp>style manager>the skin you want to use>footer


<if condition="$show['quickchooser']">

replace with:

<if condition="is_member_of($bbuserinfo,a,b,c)">

where a,b,c = the usergroup number of the usergroups you do want to see the style chooser.

This will remove the style chooser for unregistered guests and allow only who you want to see it. Best part is that you only have to do it to one skin.

20 Oct 2006, 21:31
v.nice thanks alot

22 Oct 2006, 16:06
ok... and how to do the same just for Archive? I want to do that all visitors/unregistered use Archive (http://yoursite/forum/archive/index.php).

I know, that Archive is not style, but I ask you... may be you know how to do this?

Thanks at any way!

26 Oct 2006, 16:11
nice, thanks for this!

14 Dec 2006, 01:00

The dman
14 Dec 2006, 11:54
Good one, Installed:up:

23 Dec 2006, 00:53
Very nice, thanks!

23 Dec 2006, 01:54
This can already be done within your admincp, without any modifications.

23 Dec 2006, 02:51
This can already be done within your admincp, without any modifications.

Enllighten us all on the procedure to do this, blind-eddie.

23 Dec 2006, 03:28
admincp/styles & templates -click on drop box of all your templates--click edit settings then select no on styles you wish your members not to use, where it says Allow User Selection

23 Dec 2006, 14:24
Please read the purpose of this hack again...willya?

This hack is not designed to stop everyone from using styles.

27 Dec 2006, 23:51
I never understood why this is not a standard option in vb..

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Exclusive Group
05 Jan 2007, 06:51
That was nice, Thank you.....And I though I would have to delete the other styles!

26 Jan 2007, 04:27
Thanks for this, very nice!

I used the following condition instead:
<if condition="$show['member']">
It says here (http://www.vbulletin-germany.com/forum/showthread.php?t=24195) (in german) that is_member_of adds a query.

20 Oct 2007, 16:10
Top mod. thank you "installed"

20 Oct 2007, 19:28
Perfect, It sought this modification, is very necessary for the administrators.

thanks friend