View Full Version : PirfMorst Style on the Sky

Mr Pink
21 Oct 2006, 00:39
PirfMorts Style on the Sky
[by Norman]

Here the first release of this style. I have created it today. :p

It is a 3.6.2 style.
I hope you like it.
In the zip file you will find the istructions for install process. It, for now, have the vBulletin's original logo. You can change it from your AdminCp.

See ya.

21 Oct 2006, 01:19
its an ok style not that great but thanks alot for making it. keep it up

21 Oct 2006, 04:47
awesome style ;) installed* !!

21 Oct 2006, 12:40
:( dont like it thanks for sharing

Mr Pink
21 Oct 2006, 12:56
Lol, no problem, ChavMagnet. :p

21 Oct 2006, 16:39
Woah first mod I see posted with a poll :D

Mr Pink
21 Oct 2006, 17:33
I have seen that I had the possibility to do that, so why not? :D :p

22 Oct 2006, 03:05
Again, thanks for sharing, although it does nothing for me, sorry, But then im a blue sort of guy lol

22 Oct 2006, 03:21
to be honest... i don't like the style, but thanks for posting.