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21 Oct 2006, 23:35
A basic vB style re imaged, animated status icons (standard status icons are included) with minor template changes.
Light orange-yelloish, well a tangerine is what it reminded us of is how it was named :p
vB images were changed to match or replaced
Style available in both Fixed and Fluid Styles.

Live Demo Fluid (http://gfxstyles.com/forum.php?styleid=105)
Live Demo Fixed (http://gfxstyles.com/forum.php?styleid=97)

Updated for use with 3.6.4 (will leave 3.6.2 available for a while!)

22 Oct 2006, 03:31
It looks good and everything, but the color is not my type. Make it like a blue or something thats nice. Great job though man:)

22 Oct 2006, 05:25
THANK man . nice & pro skin .

22 Oct 2006, 09:43
Raiderlax, yeah it IS bright but that was the aim ;) We might make colour variations at some point :D

GTTG - thanks :)

31 Oct 2006, 02:03
I love it.... But !!!

How i fix this ?

31 Oct 2006, 10:19
Drop me a link to your forum and we'll take a proper look :)

31 Oct 2006, 11:55

There is...

31 Oct 2006, 15:01
Well Azhrialilu do you have answer about that?

Can we fix it ?

31 Oct 2006, 21:17
Sorry, I hadn't had a chance to look yet - busy day here today. Samhain is a huge celebration in my house :)

Will take a look now.

31 Oct 2006, 21:42
Please see THIS (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showpost.php?p=1106258&postcount=86) post :)

31 Oct 2006, 23:29
You know what i did ?

I make edit submit the main forums , and its ok :D

Thaks men for your time

01 Nov 2006, 10:27
:) you're welcome.

09 Nov 2006, 09:44
Style updated for 3.6.3

29 Nov 2006, 16:39
Tangerine style updated for use with 3.6.4.

09 Feb 2007, 11:20
Don't know if this style is still supported but hey lets give it a go.

Really like this style but I wanted to change the buttons into Dutch. Problem now is I don't have the used fonttype :confused:
I searched the net but the font type used doesn't exsist? TahomaSmallCap Bold: at least thats what phptoshops tells me.

Any way to get this font or should I use another font instead?

09 Feb 2007, 16:51
No worries, the style is definitely still supported! :) let me check to make sure there isn't a copy in the zip and if not, I'll update the zip with it in.

09 Feb 2007, 16:54
Okay, the fonts required are included in the zip. I think what you're finding happening is that you haven't installed the fonts prior to opening photoshop and so it's replacing the needed font with an existing one on your system - TahomaSmallCap Bold.

If you copy the fonts from the zip into your windows/fonts directory, then view the directory to ensure it's there and after that load photoshop, it should then pull the fonts into the package for you :)

09 Feb 2007, 23:36
Sorry to bother you again ;)

Just downloaded both zips and those on your site but only the 2 fonts that were there already are included.

10 Feb 2007, 00:32
yes, they're the fonts used on the buttons :) As far as I can tell, there shouldn't be any need for the font TahomaSmallCap Bold on the style.

Did you copy the fonts to your fonts folder before opening photoshop?

10 Feb 2007, 19:09
The fonts included are Biscuitism and Egoitism. The last one is used in the banner.
They both are loaded when I start PS and Idon't get an error when I open the banner.

But whenever I open a button (or gfx that has text in it) and want to edit the text it gives me

10 Feb 2007, 22:19
I'll check our font archives on gfxstyles and upload a copy here for you. It's odd as I don't recall us using that font lol

10 Feb 2007, 22:58
I've updated the first post with a zip containing the tahoma fonts!

11 Feb 2007, 23:18
Many thanks.
Now I can finish up the buttons.