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22 Oct 2006, 03:07
This is a custom skin that I had and was going to use for a contest over at Site Fanatic, but the contest was pulled due to low activity. Includes full .PSD so you can change the logo and such.

All I ask is that the foot-note stay intact to help advertise Site Fanatic in exchange for the free skin.

22 Oct 2006, 04:54
good job man installin

22 Oct 2006, 06:13
This is so gorgeous! Red is my favorite color anyway, but this skin is so crisp, clean, and professional - looking.

VERY nice job :D

22 Oct 2006, 09:44
This is a beautiful style :D Great job.

22 Oct 2006, 17:48
I love this style. The one problem I"m having is that my members get confused when I move the login information to the side, so that it only shows up on the front page of the forum. How can I easily move it back so it appears at the top?

22 Oct 2006, 17:51
Hello, are you going to make this for 3.6.2 as well? When installed with ignore version checked, it wants to fix 2 templates.


22 Oct 2006, 19:01

Please ignor those 2 fixes as I have not touched them in the making of this skin, except to move the login and fix a simple thead background. Nothing more.

22 Oct 2006, 21:05
this is a nice skin... when i load it.. mine doesnt look this nice though..... maybe because of all the hacks i have... but it is the nicest hack thus far!!!

23 Oct 2006, 11:05
Thanks I appreciate that. :)

23 Oct 2006, 17:34
Really like this skin - and am considering using it - we have a couple of additional buttons - could you tell me want font you use for the buttons so I could create them? Thanks.

23 Oct 2006, 20:02
I believe the font is Trebuchet MS, the PSD will tell you.

23 Oct 2006, 20:46
A+ skin cant wait to add it

23 Oct 2006, 21:05
Awsome skin, really clean

24 Oct 2006, 12:41
Fantastic skin and very professional. Just a question. If I would like to have it in blue, what kind of modifications I've to do?

24 Oct 2006, 17:56
Fantastic skin and very professional. Just a question. If I would like to have it in blue, what kind of modifications I've to do?

Redesign all the images used in red.

Great skin mate thanks alot

24 Oct 2006, 19:45
hey,how can i remove the side menu on the front page i mean the member panel and the partner websites...
The skin is really nice but i need to remove this somehow.

25 Oct 2006, 01:03
There are some errors with this style that conflict with vBadvanced. When attempting to update image paths so that the images show up in vba, it throws up errors which cause it not to show those images.

Warning: is_file() [function.is-file]: Stat failed for ./a:7:{s:10:"background";s:7:"#FFFFFF";s:5:"color";s:7:"#555555";s:4:"font";a:3:{s:5:"style";s:0:"";s:4:"size";s:4:"10pt";s:6:"family";s:70:"verdana, geneva, lucida, 'lucida grande', arial, helvetica, sans-serif";}s:5:"EXTRA";s:128:"margin: 0px 10px 10px 10px; padding: 0px; background-image:url('helloworld/misc/background.gif'); background-repeat:repeat-x;";s:6:"LINK_N";a:3:{s:10:"background";s:0:"";s:5:"color";s:7:"#8E1616";s:15:"text-decoration";s:4:"none";}s:6:"LINK_V";a:3:{s:10:"background";s:0:"";s:5:"color";s:7:"#8E1616";s:15:"text-decoration";s:4:"none";}s:6:"LINK_M";a:3:{s:10:"background";s:0:"";s:5:"color";s:7:" in /vbacmps_install.php on line 2403

28 Oct 2006, 02:39
Can anyone explain to me how to save the PSD with the edited buttons so that I can reupload?

28 Oct 2006, 18:23
Can anyone explain to me how to save the PSD with the edited buttons so that I can reupload?

open the PSD in photoshop

once youve made the edits you want then click the slice tool.

then youll see yor slices and click file ---> save for web.

then choose the slices yu edited and save.

make sure to save selected images only.

29 Oct 2006, 05:57
good job, thanks for this

29 Oct 2006, 15:18
thank you! I love it!

EDIT: The logout button at the top (next to FAQ) doesn't work.

14 Nov 2006, 11:12
err any preview of this thing?

14 Nov 2006, 19:59
Nice skin.

18 Nov 2006, 23:18
err any preview of this thing?

Yeah, that would be nice.

19 Nov 2006, 02:12
Here's how to correct the nonfunctional logout button on the navbar.
Just paste this:
<a href="login.php?$session[sessionurl]do=logout&amp;logouthash=$bbuserinfo[logouthash]">

in line 1114 in vbulletin-style.xml located in the HelloWorld folder to make it look like this:

<td><a href="login.php?$session[sessionurl]do=logout&amp;logouthash=$bbuserinfo[logouthash]"><img src="$stylevar[imgdir_misc]/menu_logout1.gif" border="0" alt="" /></td>

Hope this helps! :)

21 Nov 2006, 10:55
Where are you guys previewing this?

21 Nov 2006, 11:04
This was used as the springboard for the style we are using on our forum: http://forums.randi.org

16 Feb 2007, 19:03
any screenshot/demo for thsi? Thanks!

Capt. GannA
17 Feb 2007, 13:24
any screenshot/demo for thsi? Thanks!

What he said^^

17 Feb 2007, 13:53
We need a screenshot, please!

21 Feb 2007, 23:44
Any demo on this one?

22 Feb 2007, 02:32
Yeah a demo would be awesome please

22 Feb 2007, 11:50
Very nice one, I'm keeping this ;)

03 Mar 2007, 02:34
Nice skin, you should really put a screenshot up thou.

05 Mar 2007, 07:49
demo or screenshots plz ...

05 Mar 2007, 13:17
demo or scrennshot

05 Mar 2007, 17:25
Someone said on a previous page that they are using it on their site:

07 Mar 2007, 03:55
Where's the demo site?

14 Mar 2007, 05:14
No demo. Does not click installed.