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24 Oct 2006, 15:20
This add-on allows you to require an attachment with a specific extension for every forum.

I used it for a site with an picture gallery where every new pictures also needed a thread. To prevent users from posting empty thread, i write this add-on.

It's very easy to install and doesn't need any template changes.

Installation information on add-on:
Files edited: 0
Templates edited: 0
Files to upload: 2
Time to install: 5 minutes max

Please note you'll need to add a record for every forum you wish to require attachments in. The parent/child structure doesn't work.

This add-on has been linked to the attachment section of the forum so you can only select valid extensions.

24 Oct 2006, 15:29
screenshot/ demo ???

Eagle Creek
24 Oct 2006, 15:32
They have been posted :).

24 Oct 2006, 16:23
Database error in vBulletin 3.6.0:

Invalid SQL:

SELECT forumid, title
FROM vb3_forumrequiredattachment
INNER JOIN vb3_forum USING(forumid);

MySQL Error : Column 'forumid' in field list is ambiguous

24 Oct 2006, 20:11
Hey.. It dont work :( Get SQL error :(

25 Oct 2006, 07:55
Database error in vBulletin 3.6.0:

Invalid SQL:

SELECT forumid, title
FROM vb3_forumrequiredattachment
INNER JOIN vb3_forum USING(forumid);

MySQL Error : Column 'forumid' in field list is ambiguous

25 Oct 2006, 11:26
If this works the way I think it does it will be awesome, because I have about 5 or so forums on my site where it is downloads only, so that means people have to upload an attachment. However people often ask questions which is annoying.

The only problem I would then face, is a few people still upload larger attachements to like rapidshare, so would you have a solution for them?

26 Oct 2006, 08:11
Urhm, don't have a real solution for your problem mate.
You might want to edit my plugin so the attachment is only required for several groups.

After that, put the 'large file uploaders' in a specific group which isnt required to post attachments.

04 Nov 2006, 22:51
We're having a bit of an issue with this hack and I'm not sure why.

First of all we are running 3.6.1 so could this be a backwards compatibility issue?

Here is the issue:

Installed the hack. Install went fine. Added the forums we wanted to require attachments as directed.

Now though, every forum is requiring attachments, whether they were added or not. Checked database with phpmyadmin and the forum id is not listed in forumrequiredattachment and yet when trying to post in that forum the "Required Attachement Missing" screen comes up and stops everyone in their tracks.

We really love this hack as 90% of our forums should have files attached and this is a huge moderation saver however if it kills off the 10% of the forums where attachements are not required we'll have to stop using it which would really suck.


09 Dec 2006, 18:47
I only have required attachments enabled for a few forums (just jpg) but still this mod wants attachments on every forum no matter if the usergroup is not allowed to upload in this forum or not.

Please fix this or I have to uninstall this mod!

19 Jan 2007, 13:40
yeah, i have the same problem.. great mod, just a little mistake, fix it please!

21 Jan 2007, 13:34
same problem here, please help us :-)

10 Feb 2007, 04:35
Ah great idea... but it doesn't work and despite the complaints, has not been addressed.

26 Mar 2007, 03:36
Hi, this still does not work based on selecting forums, it applies to the entire forum index

please address!

26 Mar 2007, 04:22
Waiting for this to work....then will install :)

06 Jul 2007, 06:45
My forum needs this hack but it didn't work as expected. I just fixed it and I'm sharing my code with you... I haven't tested it for performance or other installations...

Replace the content of the 'Required Attachment check' plugin to:


$q = "
SELECT r.forumid, IF(r.extensions LIKE concat( '%*', a.extension, '*%' ), '1', '0') AS ext
FROM forumrequiredattachment r
LEFT JOIN " . TABLE_PREFIX . "attachment a ON a.posthash = '" . $vbulletin->db->escape_string($post['posthash']) . "'
AND a.userid = " . $vbulletin->userinfo['userid'] . "
WHERE r.forumid ='" . $foruminfo['forumid'] . "'
ORDER BY a.attachmentid
$attachs = $vbulletin->db->query_first_slave($q);
if(sizeof($attachs) > 0 and $attachs['ext'] == '0')
$errors[] = $vbphrase['required_attachment_missing'];

27 Oct 2007, 08:15
works great.. thanks julian

28 Oct 2007, 09:20
this is the best hack ive ever installed for my board.. thanks a trillion...thanks to Julian of course .. please continue to make newer versions..


Make it easier to add attachment requirements for each forum..


see how you can highlight attachment types.. have the same for forums :) instead of drop down.. that would be a HUGE improvement on an already awesome attachment.

28 Oct 2007, 19:22
If this actually works, is great, cuz i've got a report section on my forum, and some users forget to attach screenshots.

SO, this would save both me and the users a lot of time !

08 Feb 2008, 00:06
SOL00 please update your hack with JulianD's post info!

24 Jan 2010, 13:24
Doesnt work on 3.8.4. Can someone update hack to work on 3.8 please.

24 Feb 2010, 13:46
Ok..apparently the database error occurs only if you have put a prefix before your database like vb_forumrequiredattachment.

Otherwise it is working fine with JulianD's plugin mod on vB 3.8.4. Without JulianD's mod it starts demanding attachments in all the forums even the ones which have not been selected.

Thanks so much for this. Installed. :)

03 Mar 2010, 12:33
DB error on 3.8.4

Datenbankfehler in vBulletin 3.8.4:

Invalid SQL:
SELECT a.attachmentid
FROM vb305_attachment a
INNER JOIN forumrequiredattachment r ON r.forumid ='57' AND r.extensions LIKE concat( '%*', a.extension, '*%' )
WHERE a.posthash = 'ccb9d7cb0f8eeef98ac84df3ef418d69'
AND a.userid = 11981
ORDER BY a.attachmentid;

MySQL-Fehler : Table 'db274701_1.forumrequiredattachment' doesn't exist
Fehler-Nr. : 1146
Fehler-Zeit : Wednesday, 03.03.2010 @ 13:31:22

Forum has prefix option activated. Any idea?