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01 Nov 2006, 03:22
I have been looking over my log files and I am seeing a ton of these 404's.

Here is what i see in my logs.


Over the past 7 days i have had 0ver 16,000 404s and this is a real problem. The issue is across all forums.

I am currently running vBulletin Version 3.5.4

Please let me know what I need to do to fix this. If i need to update VB let me know.

Thanks and love the product beside this! :)

01 Nov 2006, 23:20
Make sure you added all of the template edits.

01 Nov 2006, 23:58
Isn't this handled in the install.xml? If not, can you provide more info on what you are referring too.


Are you talking about

) In forumdisplay, showthread, standard_error find:
Add before that:
<base href="$vboptions/" />

[B]Cause if so, the code is present.

Am i missing something? I really need to get this figured out, i am loosing a lot of traffic here and i would like to understand the problem a little more so i can fix. Thanks for your time.

03 Nov 2006, 03:36
Any idea what the problem could be? Please help!

26 Feb 2007, 03:49
I am still getting these errrors in the archive.


Just try clicking on "View Full Version : News"