View Full Version : Cannot delete garages with vb3.6.2

08 Nov 2006, 05:31
I'm looking to delete some ancient garages of users who are no longer around.

As an example, I've picked one of those users just to show you what I'm dealing with:
- While hovering over the delete link in this person's garage, it shows this URL when you hover over the delete link: http://forums.fordpower.ca/vbgarage.php?do=delgarage&id=156
- After clicking the delete link, it ends up landing me at this address:: http://forums.fordpower.ca/Array%5Bbburl%5D/vbgarage.php?do=list

that address gives me a 404 (Page Not Found) error along with this:
"The requested URL /Array[bburl]/vbgarage.php was not found on this server."

I'm using vb3.6.2.
Can anyone help?

Hmmm... just figured out that if I take the "Array%5Bbburl%5D/" out of the second link I posted, it sends you back to the garage list page and does delete the garage.

What portion of the code on vbgarage.php would I have to look at deleting to make this work proberly?

13 Nov 2006, 16:54
This has been handled in the other thread a few times. When you delete a garage you do get an error message, however the garage is successfully deleted.

- Justin