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09 Nov 2006, 16:03
Hello https://www.vbulletin.org/forum/
This is the fluid version of Faddah Style for vBulletin 3.6.3. Also this version of the skin has some bugs fixed.
The skin has Google Adsense added to both header and footer along with a scrolling text marquee and the login area added to the header.
I hope you like it http://www.forumshelp.com/forums/images/smilies/FH/wink0st.gif

Skin Width:
Fluid Width

Skin Colors:
Silver, Dark Blue, Dark Purple and light blue

Font Used:
Arial Black

Skin Design:
- Header design
- Footer Design
- Buttons Design
- Status Icons Design
- Gradients Design

Code Changes:
- Adsense added to both header and footer
- Login and PM area added to the header and removed from the navbar template.
- A marquee has been added to the header
- Extra buttons for arcades, gallery and store have been added to the header.

Zip File Content:

-FH_Faddah_F folder : Style images folder (upload)
-FH_Faddah_F.xml file : import this through your admincp
-PSD files folder : Layer psd files for the style (not to be uploaded)
-logo Folder : contains empty logo pic to place your logo on. After placing your logo on this pic, upload it to forums/images/FH_Faddah_F
(note: don't change the pic name or it will not show)
-empty-buttons Folder : contains an empty version of the buttons used in the design so you can add what ever you want to them.


http://www.designersforums.net/faddah-small.gif (http://www.designersforums.net/faddah.gif)

For a demo click here (http://www.forumshelp.com/vb4/index.php?styleid=2)

This skin has been tested on both FireFox and Internet Explorer with the latest releases. Please don't hesitate to report any bugs or to mention your openion.
Thank you https://www.vbulletin.org/forum/

10 Nov 2006, 01:57
I like the style, but is it possible to add things to the navbar? I don't even see one :confused:

Great style though, it's definitely going on my forum :), thanx!

First Post!

EDIT: Actually, problem solved :) but now I need to get rid of the adverts in the header and footer :(

10 Nov 2006, 06:17
Hello Sunstroke :) Did you try thr steps mentioned in the README file for removing the Google Ads?

10 Nov 2006, 14:51
I really Like this one ... I wonder why you haven't had as many installs?

Nontheless, this is a great looking style bro! :cool:

10 Nov 2006, 16:58
Hey Bison :) Glad that you like it. Actually the skin was released yesterday and it's a re-release of an old skin that has been installed by many vb.org members :)

10 Nov 2006, 20:55
Hello Sunstroke :) Did you try thr steps mentioned in the README file for removing the Google Ads?
Hmm, I guess I should start reading the readmes :confused:

11 Nov 2006, 07:09
awsome this is the winner thnx

13 Nov 2006, 07:47
Awesome!! Thanks!!

16 Nov 2006, 07:58
toooo goood!!! thnx

29 Jan 2007, 23:48
Any ideas on a 3.6.4 update???

30 Jan 2007, 08:55
you are always welcome guys and glad that you like it :)

amagazi, this one should work fine for 3.6.4

08 Feb 2007, 17:50
Nice style! *Installed*

14 May 2007, 09:26
Will this skin work for 3.6.6?

alqloob alsahya
17 May 2007, 08:55
thes good desing nice :)

17 May 2007, 14:41
3.6.7?? i like this style

06 Jun 2007, 19:28
3.6.7?? i like this style

Yap? :)

17 Jun 2007, 17:33
When I upload the XML file it tells me it was created for a different version...I am confused on what to do

17 Jun 2007, 17:35
nvm I figured it out, sorry I'm an idiot -_-