View Full Version : .htaccess settings for /forum

12 Nov 2006, 17:16

I have my board installed in a directory "/forum" ( www.pb-addict.com/forum/ )

I saw the installation notes say the following

Note: If you run your vB on a directory from a subdomain or root ex: http:///www.yoursite.com/forum or http://subdomain.site.com/forum you will need to open up the .htacess file and change Rewrite Base / to Rewrite Base /yourdir

but I do not see any "Rewrite Base" anywhere in the given .htaccess. What do I do?

13 Nov 2006, 22:21
Nevermind, I found the answer in an older thread where the same question was asked. In this new version of the addon we do not need to edit the .htaccess for cases like this.

I think that "Note" should be taken out of the install instructions now to avoid further confusion.