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21 Nov 2006, 11:28
Can we please get the 3.5 search back?Because when searching now the word paypal in thread names it returns no results.Before it returned like 100 results.Can this please be fixed?

Paul M
21 Nov 2006, 11:32
I have no idea what you mean by the "3.5 search", nothing has been changed.

Searching for "paypal" in thread titles gives me 170 results, which suggests that the problem is at your end.

21 Nov 2006, 11:53
i get 154, :) A lot more than 0 though.

21 Nov 2006, 11:56
Sorry I didn't mean paypal I meant "vba"

Paul M
21 Nov 2006, 12:11
Just a slight difference then :ermm:

You can't search for three letter words - and that didn't change in the upgrade, it's a mysql setting. The only thing I can think of is that it changed when all the Jelsoft sites moved to the new servers, maybe the old ones were set to allow three letter words.

21 Nov 2006, 12:16
Oh OK then.Because before I could do that :-/