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26 Nov 2006, 03:48
Web server shopping....db server will be next on the list, but web is on this weeks buy plan....

specs are:
Supermicro 2U case
dual Opteron dual-core 2216 processors (2.4 Ghz)
four WD 250GB SATAII drives

$3895 thru nexq.com


I've shopped a handful of places, prices all seem pretty close to each other....this one is slightly less, not sure shipping is included tho or what their lead time is.

26 Nov 2006, 05:54
Question? What's a thots?

26 Nov 2006, 11:18
thots - thoughts

Well it depends how big the db is
What kind of load are you getting
The traffic
And the type of files being served

But that price seems kinda high to me :)

26 Nov 2006, 12:59
doesnt matter how big the db is, as noted in the first sentence, this is for the web side of the site....the db is already on a separate server, also soon to be replaced.

does "kinda high" mean you know of a better source? I've researched about 20 and this was the lowest price, but only by a couple hundred $$....

The config is what was recommended by eva on vBulletin.com, so pretty sure it's a good choice.