View Full Version : is looks right to you?

26 Nov 2006, 21:20
After I moved to another hosting every once in while (I think when forum has more than 100 visitors at the time) I start having about 30 seconds download delay, and here is if I can improve the situation.
can you please explain me what this lines meaning in my forum Admin Control Panel
it is looks right to you, nothing suspicious?

Web Server Apache v1.3.36 (cgi)
PHP Max Post Size 55.00 MB
PHP Maximum Upload Size 2.00 MB
MySQL Packet Size 1.00 MB

thank you.

30 Nov 2006, 23:01
Either go with a native module for apache or switch to fast-cgi. As to the max mysql packet size, that is a bit on the small size.

30 Nov 2006, 23:44
PHP Max Post Size 15.00 MB
PHP Maximum Upload Size 15.00 MB
MySQL Packet Size 15.00 MB

Try those for a start