View Full Version : help in vbadvanced_cmps_2_2_1 for vb 3.6.4

02 Dec 2006, 22:48
Actually I installed the “vbadvanced_cmps_2_2_1” but I have a problem now.
If I put a image in the news part that have a big resolution (or size) the order of the page will be disarrange. I mean if the picture have big size, the order of the page will change and go mistake. I need a hack or mode that automatically fit and adjust the size of the pictures in the NEWS part.
Actually I have this hack for the forum part but it is not work on the first page of cmps.
Thank you in advance

04 Jan 2007, 12:40
I don’t no that much but this is what I did I got Vbulletin 3.6.4

ok wean you go too install the images the other links will be like this


now the other skin that is not working will be like this


now lets say it dos that too the logo than you will change it to


that is what I did and it worked.