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02 Dec 2006, 23:42
vBulletin.org is proud to announce its October Board of the Month Winner:

http://vbmodder.com/forums/tangerine/misc/header_mid_logo_2.gif (http://vbmodder.com/forums/)

vBModder.com (http://vbmodder.com/forums/)

https://www.vbulletin.org/forum/external/2006/12/16.gif (http://vbmodder.com/forums/)

Code Monkey has the following to say about vB Modder
I think you will find the look and feel of vBulletin Modder to be far from the default vBulletin style. A lot of effort went into customizing the style so that it is unique. We strive to be a good free resource for help with your vBulletin setup. And of course, you can find my own mods there as well. Check it out.

Thank you to everyone who participated!


03 Dec 2006, 00:39
Not a big surprise to see another vB forum lol

Adrian Schneider
03 Dec 2006, 00:55
haha yep!

But, he still does deserve it. Congratulations Code Monkey!

04 Dec 2006, 01:33
woohoo! way to go CM!

04 Dec 2006, 02:00
Congratulations to Code Monkey and his community. :)

Brandon Sheley
06 Dec 2006, 21:08
Congratulations CM :)

10 Dec 2006, 21:38
Good job! :)

11 Dec 2006, 00:47
Congrats!!! Ive been there it is a very good forum :). Very very helpful.

11 Dec 2006, 01:02
EXCELLENT!!! This is very well deserved, as CM has worked extra hard on his site. Congrats darlin'!