View Full Version : The nanny state

08 Dec 2006, 22:53

Just wanted some advice really.

My forums at soapchat.net are about soaps and TV - but over time, as the users have engaged they want off topic areas. This is standard on most boards to have an Off topic area, which we have created. But having people of all ages on the board some content we cant allow but this is frustrating for older users and considered a nanny state.

I just wondered what experience other admins had of having a free for all forum - where anything goes (well almost anything).

The net now is all going 2.0 with people creating their own spaces and social networks. I was wondering how to address this with my users.

Is there a hack for them to create their own spaces ? or is this a bad idea.

Maybe private forums ?

I was just looking for ideas.


11 Dec 2006, 01:07
This might be something like what you are looking for..