View Full Version : Mini Mods - Forum EXP ranks

09 Dec 2006, 23:37
Well i noticed how some boards use RPG mods to show EXP a character has, so i decided to come up with a similar ranking system for how experienced a user is on your boards known as forum EXP, using these ranking images on your forums will allow you to set a limit till the user gains a certain EXP. when the level is reached the final exp is like a animated one. anyways the best way to show you what i mean is to show you the images ^_^.

hope you enjoy them:

10 Dec 2006, 00:00
Files have been updated so that they can show up on all types of skin.

if these go down well i might do different coloured versions of them. ^_^

10 Dec 2006, 06:40
Clicks install, thanks:)

10 Dec 2006, 20:58
i'll be making blue,yellow,green,orange and purple versions of these ranks if i get enough requests