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15 Dec 2006, 21:43
Moderators I think I put this ? in the wrong place ... sorry

This is probably right in front of me but I have looked all over this file and can't find this step in the install process for vBadvance. I can't find $printhr in the index.php file. What am I missing? If I don't have $printh where do these lines go? I'm new so please bear with me.

In your /forum/admincp/index.php file:

Find: $printhr = false;
if (can_administer('canadmincalendars'))

Above that Add:
construct_nav_option($vbphrase['default_settings'], 'vba_cmps_admin.php?do=modifysettings');
construct_nav_option($vbphrase['edit_modules'], 'vba_cmps_admin.php?do=listmodules');
construct_nav_option($vbphrase['add_module'], 'vba_cmps_admin.php?do=addmodule');
construct_nav_option($vbphrase['edit_pages'], 'vba_cmps_admin.php?do=listpages');
construct_nav_option($vbphrase['add_page'], 'vba_cmps_admin.php?do=addpage');


OK...I think I may have downloaded the wrong version of vBadvanced CMPS since I just installed vBulletin this week. Would someone be so kind as to tell a newbie where to get the right level of vBadvanced for VB3.6.4??

I'll get the knack of this stuff soon I hope.

15 Dec 2006, 22:02
For vBulletin 3.5.x or vBulletin 3.6.x please download a current copy of vBadvanced CMPS from here: http://www.vbadvanced.com

Your install with go much smoother.

15 Dec 2006, 22:10
KW802, thanks bunch. Guess that was an idiot test and I passed. You guys can LOL at me. These install instructions are a lot easier! Good thing I save my files before I edited them

Would like a little more advice please before I continue. I have a testvb environment which is where I am putting vBadvanced to start. Both test and production (forums) reside in the same public_html (www); so where do I put cmps_index.php and how do I do the index so that I will be able to access test completely separate from forums?

So here are my two paths according to the forumpath.php script. Doing testvb first before I roll to forums.


Need a little more advice before I finish the vBadvanced install please. I have a testvb and a forums environment. I have installed all the vBadvanced code into testvb. I'll learn it, modify it, etc...then do forums.

Where do I put the cmps_index.php file. Both testvb and forums are installed in my public_html which is www on FQ.

I have /big/dom/mydomain/www/testvb as the forumpath in cmps_index.php. Seems like if I install it in root (www) I wouldn't be able to use vBadvanced on forums when I am ready.

Here are my two paths per forumpath.php:

Please give me some guidance. Thanks.

Anybody there??????