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18 Dec 2006, 20:24
Heres a pretty simple user legend, but it saves the time of typing it..

1. Open up any template you want this to legend to be
2. Copy and paste this code to your template
<!-- legend --><b>User Legend:</b><br />
<font color=#CC6633><b>Administrator</font></b> | <span style="color:#0066CC"><b>Optimia (GMOD)</span></b> | <span style=color:#00CC00>Graphics</span> | <span style=color:#00CC00>Review Team</span> | <span style=color:#6666FF>Member</span> | <span style=color:gray>Restricted</span> | <s><span style=color:gray>Banned</span></s><br /><br />
<!-- /legend -->
<h5><b>Legend made by <a href=http://tgmthp.com>TgmThp.COM</a></h5></b>
3. Make any changes such as color, groups, markup, or anything else you might wish to change.

If you are changing the number thats fine,
if you are changing the number to text;
remove the #

Add a group:
At the end, to the right of the </s> place | <span style=color:#Color>Member</span>
You should put a color where it says Color if you are changing the color.

19 Dec 2006, 00:57
I think this should be moved the the styles and graphics articles, but this is good, thanks:)

19 Dec 2006, 02:36
Your very welcome