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19 Dec 2006, 17:47
I'm having a few Site Navigation Options problems...

I have my default menu set up which has the Homepage link at the top, and then 6 custom links underneath which works fine. (as seen here (www.bluedragons.co.uk)

I now however wish to create some sub-pages with their own navigation so that it will only show the homepage, and then the new pages below. for example:

>> Home
>> News Letters
_>> January
_>> February
_>> March

I can create the pages fine, they automatically link fine, but I still get the custom links from my main homepage displayed underneath them, which I don't want.
When I try removing the links from my new pages it also deletes them from my homepage....I tried copying the Site Navigation module but any changes to that also changed the default one on my homepage.

Any ideas on what I should be doing, or what I am doing wrong?

Also, is there a manual for this system? at the moment I'm using the "plug and pray" method, make a change and wish for the best....not good, haha