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19 Dec 2006, 18:44
Hey, successfully installed vBAdvanced on my test system. Was in process of installing on forums (production). I was having an image path issue and was researching that. Looking at how it was on test and my cookies got all messed up because I was going back and forth. Net is I could not complete install. I was on the screen where you check your image path. For some reason my image path was www.mydomain.com/images (http://www.mydomain.com/images) not www.mydomain.com/forums/images (http://www.mydomain.com/forums/images) where forums is my vBulletin directory.

1) How to I continue install - when I try to re-executed vbacmps_install.php it states vBAdvanced already installed! (well, kindahttps://www.vbulletin.org/forum/external/2010/09/3.gif)

2) Figure out why "forums" was left out of my image path.

16 Jan 2007, 10:35
maybe you should uninstall it then try reinstall