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21 Dec 2006, 03:29
I used forumpath.php during my test install to diagnose a problem. I did not use it on production. When I began adding the privacy statement to my two systems, on production I put the full URL to my privacy statement. I did the same on test but kept getting a duplicate main domain name in my URL when I tried to display it.

I couldn't figure out why and went back through my notes and realized the only difference in the two installs was the use of forumpath.php to diagnose a problem on test.

I renamed forumpath.php to a backup name in my test environment and my test environment behaved the same as production using the full path to my privacy URL.

I suggest you add REMOVE forumpath.php when you are finished diagnosing the problem to the Frequently Asked Questions part of the install guide. Right?

My index.php and cmps.index.php files are totally out of whack. I need index.php 101 class. I thought I had it but when I started adding web pages within vBulletin I am totally confused.

How to I have two environments test and production under the same public_html with two vBAdvanced test and production instances.

I need to know what goes in each index_php and cmps_index.php in which directories. My two vBulletin directories are named forums and testvb. My two vBAdvanced directories are vBA and testVBA.

I know the index_php files in forums and testvb are those supplied by Jelsoft.
What goes in the vBA and testvBa with what in forumpath and what goes in
forums and testvb along with index.php supplied from Jelsoft?

I am getting double domain names when I access the privacy statement because I can't seem to get my index_php files setup correctly. One for vBa and one for testvb.
This is what I get:

Brandon Sheley
21 Dec 2006, 04:09
sounds like your missing a "http://" in some link paths